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Center for Disease Detection: Providing Quality Healthcare to the World

Global Operations

CDD uses an automated, algorithmic approach to enable efficient, accurate, and comprehensive screening programs that are adaptable to local, regional, and national needs.

CDD Cares

CDD Cares: Globally, cervical cancer is the fourth most common malignancy in women and the fourth most common cause of death (due to malignancy) in women. Early detection grants the best possibility for survival, improves overall treatment outcomes, and lowers long-term healthcare costs for all involved parties.

Center for Disease Detection provides quality healthcare to the world

Public Health

Whether a community clinic, public hospital, detention facility, public health authority, or quasi-public institution, the Center for Disease Detection (CDD) is well-suited to assist you with your high-volume testing requirements. 

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Why Choose CDD

Whether another laboratory, a private clinic, or private hospital, the Center for Disease Detection (CDD) has customizable, responsive solutions to help you better serve your patient population.

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