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Who we are

First, and foremost, we are a devoted healthcare provider, dedicated to providing state-of-the art, low-cost diagnostics to all of our clients.

A standard-of-excellence in diagnostic service

We are a US-based organization with a global presence. Since 1997, we have been working collaboratively with our clients to establish a standard-of-excellence in diagnostic services. Our specialty areas are infectious disease testing, cancer diagnostics and women’s health.

We actively participate in forums and activities that support our overall vision: to ensure equal and dependable access to high-quality diagnostic services.

We advocate for improved health solutions and global health partnerships. Our mission is to work with health communities globally to enable sustainable diagnosis and treatment solutions to improve overall health outcomes for the global community.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At the Center for Disease Detection (CDD), excellence is an undercurrent of thought, a manner of approach, a commitment to action, a duty to follow-up, and a dedication to the patients, clients, and communities we serve.

What does this mean for our clients and us?
It means that we have established an environment that supports ingenuity, breeds responsibility, demands diligence, and grows people.

Organizationally, we set goals to improve our processes and ultimately improve patient care. We examine our current test methods in the face of the most recent research. We closely monitor quality and seek ways to improve our oversight, controls and outcomes. However, under CDD’s organizational philosophy, the mere achievement of those goals, does not necessarily constitute success. Rather, success is derived from a constant assessment of the healthcare environment, anticipation of upcoming needs within that environment, and response to those needs.

This is our commitment to excellence: to be responsive to the healthcare needs of our patients, clients, and communities, while maintaining state-of-the-art service and accurate results.