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Data & Statistics

The Center for Disease Detection (CDD) has developed a proprietary software system (AFTIS) which is utilized for all CDD testing services. Through AFTIS, client service representatives have access to patient demographic information, supply ordering information, test results, and other data needed to respond to client help desk calls.


The application simplifies specimen shipment and tracking by allowing clients to login to the relevant client site, select shipping options, enter/update contact information, enter number of packages and specimens, generate shipping labels, and track shipment status. The application’s inventory functions collect information and automatically generates both supply invoices and re-supply orders, based on client-specified minimum and maximum quantities.

The software is able to interface with electronic medical records systems which use Health Level Seven International (HL7) messaging, and allows for automation of all steps in the testing process, including test request, shipping, resulting, and statistical reporting.

Electronic Test Request

AFTIS enables our clients to facilitate the ordering process (and more), whether standalone or integrated through an electronic health records (EHR) system. The patient data entry section of AFTIS is customizable to allow for request of different clinical history information and patient demographic information based on clients’ needs. Data entry has been minimized. The system is efficient, effective, and allows for customized statistical tracking for each of our client sites.

At completion of patient demographic, billing and clinical history information, specimen barcodes are created and printed and data is transmitted to the lab. All test requests are accounted for electronically.

EHR, Integration & Interface

The Center for Disease Detection has comprehensive information technology systems and resources. Our data security procedures meet U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) requirements. Information is transmitted and results retrieved from the Laboratory Information System (LIS) by secure virtual private network (VPN) or through our secure web site that provides U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)-compliant access. This web site requires site id, user id and password for access, which is restricted to information relevant to the site id. CDD’s IT system meets internal and US-federal automated data processing, computer security, privacy, validation, and audit requirements.

CDD has significant experience in integrating and interfacing software systems. The CDD proprietary AFTIS software system is able to interface with HL7-compliant systems.