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Client Services


The Center for Disease Detection (CDD) provides training on specimen collection, handling, and shipment upon account setup, or at the time of addition of a new test type and/or test method. Our client services staff also provide training on electronic patient information and test request submission, shipping procedures, retrieval of results and statistics, online results search capabilities, and automated inventory re-supply tracking capabilities.

In the event of new-hires at client site locations, our client services staff will provide new hire orientation upon the request of the client.

Furthermore, CDD’s automated systems allow for analysis of workflow and system processes to determine where processes can be streamlined with additional training efforts. CDD utilizes this intelligence to reach out to our clients to conduct training seminars that may provide for client site workflow and turnaround time improvements.


The Center for Disease Detection has a client call center, available to all clients, staffed from 7:00 am—6:00 pm CT, Monday-Friday. A single-point-of contact is assigned to every account to assist with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise. Client services are provided in the national language of the respective client site location. Our client services team is available to provide fast, friendly service.

Proactive Personalities

CDD has a rigorous employee selection process. In client services, a primary attribute is a proactive personality. This means that our client services staff strive to anticipate our clients’ needs before they occur and submit internal requests for action, so that when the need is noted by the client CDD has a solution available or already in-process.

Likewise, if an issue is noted internally, our client services staff will promptly contact the client to resolve the issue. This frequently occurs before the issue is noted on the client end.


CDD frequently receives comments from our current clients praising our responsiveness. In this regard, CDD not only promptly responds to requests for assistance and any requests for resolution of any identified problems, CDD also responds to client comments about their internal workflows, processes, and procedures. In this regard, our client services staff request additional information and follow-up internally to develop more streamlined solutions for our clients.